Alumni Testimonials

alumni_osmenaI study Business Administration (undeclared major) at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Cebu International School’s IB diploma program has been a valuable asset in many different ways. My IB score granted me an automatic one-off full scholarship at university. The IB subjects I took up in High School were not at all information to be forgotten or locked away as they had become useful to me as I progressed through my studies last semester. IB subjects are taught at university level, and thus knowledge gained from them are useful long after graduation. For example, my “MGMT 2110- Operational Behaviour” class covered numerous topics taken up in IB Psychology HL; my “MATH 1003- Linear Algebra and Calculus” course practically followed half of the IB Math SL syllabus. I am so thankful for the IB diploma program for it has set the foundation for my university-level learning, and has set me on my way to higher level thinking and achievement.- Annette Osmeña
HK Univ. of Science & Technology (HK)
CIS Class of 2011
alumni_caballeroThe IB has been an exceptional tool for me since the British curriculum is very similar in terms of business models and research style. A high percentage of Business theories learned in the IB has been discussed in detail in university. Learning them prior to a collegiate level is a great advantage.- Darrell Caballero
Bangor University (Wales)
CIS Class of 2011
Jessica Barbier…the IB Diploma has left me open in my knowledge. In this sense, I mean that I have acquired basic skills, tools and general knowledge in a range of subjects so that I struggle a lot less than many of my fellow students.- Jessica Barbier
Bacconi University, Italy
CIS Class of 2009
alumni_gottwaldThe IB diploma is an entry requirement for Maastricht University in the Netherlands, as well as for most European universities. For me, the most valuable skill I have obtained out of the two years I spent working towards the IB diploma, was being able to write extensive academic papers and essays. In addition, the countless presentations and group projects have been extremely useful in preparing me for similar tasks at university.
- Dietmar Gottwald
Maastricht University, Netherlands
CIS Class of 2006
alumni_ballesterThe IB diploma helped me during this first semester in university in different ways. For example when we started making lab reports for my chemistry classes in uni I had a better idea of how I had to do them since I’ve been practicing with my IAs lab reports. IB can be strict and hard in many ways but the personal satisfaction of finally getting the diploma is worth all the work.- Ana Ballester
University of Barcelona, Spain
CIS Class of 2009
One of the things that I appreciate most about having taken the IB diploma is the depth & diversity of knowledge I have gained. University is a society where a broad range of skills is required for every student. Aside from academic rigor, you learn teamwork, collaboration, perseverance and time management. I am happy that I spent the last two years in high school learning these empowering qualities from IB diploma programme. - Hyun Jun Park
CIS Class of 2011
The IB Diploma…tough but worth it. This 2 year program provides you with a good overview of what university is like. The IB training made me earn top marks for the degree I pursued in Environmental Studies.- Jemaville Tarin
University of Notre Dame, Australia
CIS Class of 2000
Having the IB Diploma made it utterly easy to apply for a University without them having to interrogate you on your educational background. They are aware of the IB standards and acknowledge this qualification world-wide.- Michelle Buechler
Lucerne University of Appl. Sciences
and Art, Switzerland
CIS Class of 2006
CIS helped me a whole lot when it came to studying. They basically taught me how to study and prepared me for college here in the states more so than my high school I went to back in the States. They taught me to question, analyze, and process information given to me. I owe a lot to CIS. They have helped me be the person I am today.- Sophie Peterson
I attended CIS for Grades 10 and 11 before returning to the States for my senior year. CIS’s IB Programme is what made my transition to the States very easy. Jennifer Basa worked very closely with me and my father to plan out the classes I could take at CIS and later complete in Kentucky. Despite splitting my time in IB between two continents, the curriculum remained the same and the material I learned at CIS prepared me to take my exams here and earn my International Baccalaureate diploma.- Vanessa Dickey
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