As part of the reporting system Parents are invited to the following conferences

  • Goal Setting Conference sets the tone for the year by including all members of the learning team (students, parents and teachers) and a time to describe the process and importance of setting clear, definable and achievable goals throughout the year. Goals will continue to be reflected on regularly and new goals set and communicated throughout the year based on student readiness.
  • Parent/Teacher Conference (PTC) offers an opportunity for parents and teachers to speak directly with each other at the end of the first trimester and further develop home-school communication.       Teachers should take the opportunity to gather information, answer parent questions and address concerns and help define roles of the learning process. Parents can help support learning by providing a cultural context of the student’s learning.
  • Student-led Conferences (SLC) involve the student and the parent. The students are responsible for leading the conference, and also take responsibility for their learning by sharing the process with their parents. It may involve students demonstrating their understanding through a variety of different learning situations. There may be several conferences taking place simultaneously.
  • Student/Parent/Teacher Conference (SPTC) During our SPTC students reflect on their learning throughout the year with their parents and teachers. Collaboratively they establish and identify the students’ strengths and areas for improvement. This may lead to the setting of new goals , with all determining how they can support the achievement of the goals.

  • In Class Presentations While not a formal conference time, parents are invited to classrooms to attend presentations, learning engagements or unit exhibitions at least once per trimester.
  • Individual Conferences may be requested by students, parents or teachers as needed and scheduled at everyone’s convenience.


Conferencing sequence


Sept Nov. March May
Goal setting Parent -teacher Student-led Student-Parent- teacher


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