Academic Program


Cebu International School has offered the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB Diploma) since 2000 to our Grade 11 and 12 students. This has driven the standard of the academic programme offered at CIS and the philosophy of education that drives the teaching and assessment at CIS from Pre-School 3 to Grade 10. Students have been prepared, no matter how long they have attended CIS, to be ready to undertake the rigorous IB Diploma by the end of their Grade 10 year.

More information about the most rigorous High School Diploma worldwide (the IB Diploma) is available at:

At CIS, schooling starts from the KINDERGARTEN level, and continues through to Grade 12 – a total of 13 years of basic education.

While the IB Diploma drives the philosophy of education and the curriculum taught at CIS, we have recently become an IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) authorized school in January 2014. The IB PYP starts at Pre-School 3 and concludes in Grade 5.

The curriculum offered between the IBPYP and the IB DP is driven by both programmes. The goal/outcome for the curriculum from Grades 6-10 is to ensure that all students are academically prepared for the IB Diploma while ensuring that the continuity of the IB philosophy is maintained throughout the school.

Please read the following sections: Curriculum, Departments and Assessment for further information on our academic programme.

Measure of Academic Progress (MAP)

As an external source of data to measure student learning at CIS, we administer the MAP tests twice a year throughout the school. This enables students and parents to see the learning they have made and to also use the data as a basis for some good conversations with the teachers and the school about future learning and goal setting.

Many international schools use the MAP tests within the SE Asia region and the North West Evaluation Association (NWEA) based in the USA are currently developing international school norms which we can reference against.

For further information about MAP, please refer to the following link:



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