Welcome to Middle/High School

Welcome MHS Students!TMOCKRISH

I am delighted and happy to be welcoming you all to a new school year at CIS. This year we will continue our traditions of excellence while we expand our programs and practices to do the best we can to support your learning and growth. Our returning and new faculty members are all eager to greet you Wednesday morning (August 3) and get straight to learning!

When you arrive Wednesday between 7:15 and 7:30, please report directly to your homeroom class. Homeroom will run from 7:30-7:40 every day. You will then have 5 minutes passing time and Block 1 will begin 7:45. Remember we have built in a 45 minute “ELO” time after 1st block for your Advisory class (like last year’s homeroom), extra help, time for band sectional rehearsals, and other times for you to collaborate with team members to prepare for a group project (like the business fair).

Please note the changes in the student/parent handbook regarding attendance. If you miss sections of blocks due to late arrivals or early dismissals you will be marked partially absent, not tardy. A .25, .5, and .75 absence will be accumulated and will contribute to your total quarterly absences based on late arrivals or early departures from school. Teachers will take attendance at the start of each block and ELO period, so please make sure you are on time for the start of each block.

Here is a simple grid to show you the daily bell schedule. Note the changes with 5 minutes of passing time and the combined MHS lunchtime. We have more than enough space for all of our students with the 3 seating venues in our canteen, canteen annex, and outdoor deck areas.

HR 7:30-7:40 10 MINS
PASSING 7:40-7:45 5 MINS
BLOCK 1 7:45-9:10 85 MINS
PASSING 9:10-9:15 5 MINS
ELO 9:15-9:55 40 MINS
PASSING 9:55-10:00 5 MINS
BLOCK 2 10:00-11:25 85 MINS
PASSING 11:25-11:30 5 MINS
LUNCH 11:30-12:15 45 MINS
BLOCK 3 12:15-1:40 85 MINS
PASSING 1:40-1:45 5 MINS
BLOCK 4 1:45-3:10 85 MINS



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