Remote Learning

Remote Learning

Overview of the CIS RL Program

CIS Remote Learning (RL) is the process where students complete learning tasks at a time and place outside of the regular school parameters and without the direct supervision of their teacher. Due to the implications of Covid-19 and Philippine government regulations, CIS has been on Remote Learning from March 2020 until further notice.

This enable our students to keep the learning process going when attendance at school is not possible for any reason, whether it be a limited or extended period of time (such as closures due to inclement weather, medical epidemics, political instability, etc.). Our students can work anywhere with internet access and this gives teachers the opportunity to work with students and keep them progressing through the curriculum, which will also eliminate or reduce the need for makeup days.

You may find more details in our dynamic document, Remote Learning Guidelines for Students & Parents.

Remote Learning moves instruction from physical schools to homes in online and offline modes. It uses a range of digital tools and approaches to deliver personalized instruction synchronously (live) and asynchronously (in your own time). CIS aims to provide a holistic remote (and blended) learning program that seeks to provide all key components of a face-to-face instruction, only in an alternative form.

Early Years – Grade 4

Students in the Early Years & Elementary School will have school work and activities assigned by their teachers via the Seesaw app. The app can be downloaded in both Android & iOS devices and can also be accessed via web. Both parents and students have access to this app and can monitor work and feedback given by teachers.

Below are the links to download Seesaw on your respective devices:

Grade 5 – 12

MHS students will have school work and activities assigned by their teachers via Google Classroom. Google Classroom can be accessed online or you can install the Classroom app on iOS devices, Android devices, or Chrome OS mobile devices.

Note: To use all the features of Classroom on your mobile device, install Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. If you use a computer, you don’t need to install anything. Open a browser window and sign in to Classroom.

Below are the links below to download Google Classroom on your respective devices: