Life in Cebu

Life In Cebu


Cebu City is the second largest city in the Philippines and has the fastest growing economy. It happens to be the oldest city and the first capital, and is considered the tourism gateway for central and southern Philippines, making it a highly accessible location. Livability is cited as an integral part of economic development, and despite the media portraying some areas of the Philippines as unsettled, Cebu has one of the best records for peace and order in the country. There are approximately 1 million people in Cebu City and 3 million in the province.

Here is a great video highliting our CIS Class of 2003 alumni, Vito Selma, being featured by AirAsia and promoting Cebu through his love for art and the hometown.

After attending CIS, Mr. Selma proceeded to study in Milan, Italy, and across Europe, thus making him the renowned furniture designer that he currently is and proudly representing the Philippines.