CIS Awards Academic Scholarships to Two Local Students

This school year, CIS awarded full scholarships to two students from local schools in Cebu. This is our way of giving back to the community and to give opportunities to two aspiring students in order to experience a true international education. After a thorough candidate selection process, we chose scholars based on competitive screening that involved testing and panel interviews.

Here is a short profile of our 2 scholars and their thoughts as we asked them questions about joining CIS this year.

Mayumi Mari Villacastin Maghuyop

16 years old, Grade 11 in CIS

Former school: Our Lady of Joy Learning Center, Consolacion, Cebu City
Recent Achievements: President of Supreme Student Council, President of Math & Science Club, Captain of Secondary Level Volleyball Team, Member of Mandaue Children’s Choir having traveled to Europe and Asia for performances, and more.

Niña Perez

16 years old, Grade 11 in CIS

Former School: Medellin National Science and Technology School, Medellin, Cebu
Recent Achievements: Class Valedictorian, School Publication Science Writer & Cartoonist, Regionals PopCom (Commission on Population) Quiz Bowl Qualifier, Journalism Division Qualifier, Dance Palabas 2016 Champion, and more.

What drew you to CIS that made you apply for this particular scholarship program?

Mayumi: What drew me to CIS was that they had a very well-developed program, very good facilities and certified teaching personnel. Also, I was drawn to it because I had been adamant about going to a school that could provide me with the best quality of education.

Niña: CIS offers the IB Diploma which would be helpful for universities outside the country and could potentially open numerous doors for me professionally in the future, so that was kind of the main reason of me applying.

What do you think is the edge of a proper international curriculum?

Mayumi: I think that the edge in having a proper international curriculum is that it will better prepare me for whatever I will be doing in college, and beyond.

Niña: A proper international curriculum means having constantly improving educational services to cater the needs of each student be it in academics, sports or art. It also gives you straight pathways to top universities worldwide (if you work hard for it).

How does CIS differ from other schools in the region?

Mayumi: CIS differs greatly from other schools in the region not just because of the people I go to school with or the teaching styles but basically the whole environment of CIS is so different from the other schools. There is a lot of freedom and at the same time responsibility that is given to every student and I really think it helps the student learn to be more independent and it helps make you discover more about yourself.

Niña: Aside from the curriculum, CIS is different from any other school in the region for its welcoming environment, teaching methods, committed teachers and friendly student body. CIS also encourages a student competing with himself rather than everyone else mindset which is nice.

What are you looking forward to learning in your last 2 years of high school education with the IB methods of teaching?

Mayumi: I hope to learn as much as I can, not just academically but also personally. I hope to be able to express myself completely and freely, explore my capabilities and push my boundaries.

Niña: I am really looking forward to delving in deeper with all my subjects except Math. Just kidding, even math.

What is your favorite subject so far and why?

Mayumi: I don’t exactly have a favorite subject just yet, but I do enjoy Biology very much, as well as IB Art, because the classes are very interesting and the teachers are encouraging.

Niña: It must be a tie between Art, because I love how we dwell on different styles and medias, and English, because it’s a fun class and I always get my mind blown in every discussion (Hi Miss Holloway!)

Describe CIS in one sentence.

Mayumi: A place where if you think you can do it, you can achieve it.

Niña: CIS is different, challenging but truly exciting.

“Making the imaginary reality..”

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