CIS Model United Nations Club Goes to Beijing

The Model United Nations club members recently traveled to Beijing, China, for the 25th anniversary of the International School of Beijing’s THIMUN-affiliated conference. The theme this year was “Justice and Equity in the Age of Globalization”, and was reflected throughout all issues and crises debated in each forum.

Our students filled the roles of delegates from Spain and Vietnam in a variety of committees, resolving and debating a wide array of important issues challenging the world today. As part of this conference, students were able to attend brief lectures by prestigious guest speakers from the United Nations, New York Times, US Embassy in China, and more.

A trip to a historically and culturally rich country such as China would not be complete without experiencing local traditions, foods, and places. Students climbed the Great Wall, attended Kung Fu and Chinese acrobatic shows, indulged in local cuisine, and toured the Forbidden City.

CIS is proud of its continued representation at the conference, and congratulates all the students for their preparation, hard work, and continued dedication throughout the conference. We are hoping that more high school students in the coming years will continue to help the club grow!

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