Boarding at the CIS Student Residence

by Mr. John Devadoss, Head of Student Residence

Situated in the beautiful scenic Cebu City — a global hub for business processing services, tourism, shipping, and furniture-making — the Student Residence of Cebu International School is a brand new state of the art infrastructure providing boarding for students from Grade 7-12. Those fortunate to get admitted into this prestigious Boarding House, that boasts of international standards in every way, find a home away from home.

Photos by: (L-R) Josh Roland, Fritz Carilo, Emjeii Beattie

Aerial view of the CIS Student Residence
Aerial view of the CIS Student Residence

The Residence is within the school premises which allows the students to enjoy easy access to all the school facilities – swimming, library, internet, gymnasium – even beyond school timings and on weekends. Boarding students can enjoy the best of our facilities in a safe and secure environment. Your child will no longer have to travel everyday to/from home/school, minimizing the risks involved with traveling and completely removing the need for wasting time on travel.

Cebu International School will be celebrating its centenary year in 2024, and offers all three of the internationally renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) academic programs, and boasts of an enviable record in IB Diploma exam results. CIS is accredited by the Council of International Schools and the Western Association for Schools and Colleges and the Head of Student Residence accredited by the Association of Boarding Schools UK. Outstanding world class facilities and dedicated, experienced and professionally qualified staff will ensure that your child receives the best possible holistic education that can match the best of the best in the world.

An exceptional Student Residence is one that is happy, and happiness is rarely arrived at through the exercises of routines that deprive dignity. Boarding in CIS is not about rigid routines but more about making the student a global citizen, and well versed in values that they will need when they grow up. The Student Residence paves the way for the students to learn important life skills even beyond school walls.

Student Residence dining & area
Student Residence dining & area

Extra curricular activities such as karaoke, movie, barbecue, and quiz nights, would all contribute to ensuring our students have plenty of fun as they bond with their peers. Opportunities to train in first-aid, learn new recipes, cook, knit, hike, attend picnics, swim, learn new games (such as chess and, cricket for example), and participate in team building games, are just some of the activities your child will be able to enjoy, contributing to enabling them to grow in a comprehensive way academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.

The CIS Student Residence will be a place to grow in accountability and in responsibility. Dorm life, group discussions and individual mentoring all provide opportunities for them to understand that there is more to life other than just academics or a narrow set of interests. It is a place that gives them the space, time, and encouragement to be aware and mindful of their hopes, dreams and beliefs, and how they can grow to become the best they can be.

Maya Angelou famously said ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel’. The CIS Student Residence is not about just making your life pleasant, but also one that ensures you have an engaging and meaningful life. With our professionally qualified and experienced staff, renowned for Pastoral Care and counseling, we go that extra mile to empathize, support and show the type caring attitude that will make all the difference in your child’s life in every way! The CIS boarding experience is an exceptional one, one that is on par with the best in the world, from where students will carry the memories of friendships and experiences that enrich them and equip them for a lifetime.


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