Newsflash: May 6, 2022

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by Dr. Gwyn Underwood, Superintendent

PYPx Showcase

Yesterday (May 5), the CIS community was treated to an exciting, informative PYPx (exhibition) virtual showcase by our wonderful grade 5 students. Thank you to the estimated 175+ attendees, I am confident you enjoyed yourself as the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. You will be treated to an article in next week’s Newsflash, so for now, please drop positive comments for the students on their PYPx website, and congratulations to the students, teachers, PYPx mentors, and parents for all of their hard work and support.

Health and Safety reminders

We have been on campus for over 6 weeks now – thanks for your efforts to minimize the known risks so as to make it thus far with no known Covid-19 cases (knock on wood!)! Not having any cases can contribute to a subconscious relaxing of awareness, however, so I would like to just highlight the need for continued vigilance following protocols. In particular, please note the following areas:

Masks: I have been impressed by our community which has been overall very good at maintaining a safe mask culture. Please keep it up/encourage our students (and each other!) to keep it up and not relax the expectations.

Social Distancing: This is an area that we are still working to establish amongst both students and adults. It takes time to change life habits, but if everyone is consistent in conforming and informing, we will be able to establish the “at least 1m” protocol.

Communicating Potential Cases: Our primary goal is the safety of all of our students, but also that of our employees and community members. As a reminder, it is important that you:

  • Check your child’s health status each morning before sending them to school. If they have any COVID-19 symptoms, please keep them at home until the symptoms are gone, and inform our school nurse Ms. Lory so we can monitor them when they return to school. 
  • Be considerate with your outside-of-school activities as well, as if you do not follow recommended health protocols outside of school, you could easily become a source of infection for others. 
  • Be prepared mentally for the possibility that at some point, your child may get infected, despite all the precautions you take. Fortunately, there are fewer cases with children, and symptoms tend to be milder, but it is still not pleasant. Similarly, it is possible that we will have to have classes or grade levels quarantined at home if there is a case at school.

We are very grateful to be able to run face-to-face classes, and we would dearly like to keep it that way by continuing to minimize the risks and ensure we do what we can to learn in a healthy environment! “Kudos” to you for overcoming the multiple challenges you have faced over this school year!

The idea of overcoming is always fascinating to me. It’s fascinating because few of us realize how much energy we have expended just to be here today. I don’t think we give ourselves enough credit for the overcoming. — Maya Angelou


Upcoming events of note

  • May 9-13: CIS IB Art Exhibition (virtual)
  • May 13: Graduating Class of 2022 Celebration event (G12 students and families – refer to emailed details)
  • May 18: Whole School Celebration of Learning: ES Student-led parent conferences, MYP Personal Project Showcase, DP TOK Showcase (virtual)
  • May 24: Parent Coffee Meeting 9-10 am run by the CIS PTA (virtual)
  • May 27: CIS Virtual Graduation (premiers at 5 pm)

Please refer to the CIS Event Calendar ( for the complete calendar of school events.

Summer Activities & Sports Programs 2022

CIS is offering on-campus Summer Activities and Sports Programs for 2 weeks from June 13-24.

Grades 4 & 5: Philippine Language and Culture Class

by Ms. Fresh Abcede, PLC Teacher

Influential People

What is your passion? Who are the people who share the same passion like yours? What actions did they take in response to the issues related to your passions? In our unit Who We Are, Grade 4 and 5 students have been inquiring into the different Filipino influential people who contributed positively to the community.

We looked into influential people’s characteristics by connecting them to the IB Learner Profile to understand how and why they are influential. We identified and made some connections to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that address the issues related to their passions.

Moreover, they reflected on their own beliefs and values about their passion and how these affect their decisions, attitudes, and actions. The students will continue to inquire about various Filipino influential people and learn the importance of taking action, helping, and empathizing with others.

I value my mental health. I believe in helping people with mental health issues. I don’t like being rude to people and apologizing afterwards.


I believe that everyone should be able to have equal right to education. I value equality, no matter the race or gender.


I value our environment and animals. I believe that people should protect animals and environment.


Grade 11: Math Applications and Interpretation SL

by Ms. Maria Victoria Bacus, Grade 11 Mathematics/Applications & Interpretation SL Teacher

Applications and interpretation is the course with an emphasis on statistics, modelling relationships and use of technology

In the first semester, students were introduced to the unit of Number and Algebra, where the connection between compound interest and geometric sequences were explored. The students utilized the Financial application on their Ti-84 calculators in various compound interest, amortizations and annuities calculations. 

In this last quarter of Year 1 of the Mathematics (Applications and Interpretation) SL course, students will encounter opportunities to further enhance their use of technology in the unit of Statistics.

The students will complete different investigations related to collecting, organizing, presenting,  analyzing and interpreting data. The use of desmos, spreadsheets and GDC (graphic display calculators) will be very essential again for the success of this course.

Use of Technology in Math AI SL classes

We started the introduction of the unit by completing a Desmos activity determining the difference between discrete and continuous data. Students were asked to identify if the type of data given is numerical or categorical, discrete or continuous.

Once the types of data were identified and collected, they were then organized and presented in Google sheets by creating tables. Calculations were done through inputting formulas for mean, standard deviation, etc.

Students will both understand the step-by-step calculations of different measures of central tendency and dispersion of data as well as use and interpret the variables in the GDC one-variable statistics’ functions.

Student’s Feedback on the Use of Technology in Math AI SL classes


Using desmos was a good change in environment and it helped us be more aware of the topic by answering mini quizzes.


We usually use Desmos to start out lessons, and I think it’s an incredibly inventive way to learn maths because it presents you with the real-life applications of a topic first before the actual lessons itself. I like manipulating the different graphs and answering the mini quizzes, and I find that it helps me understand the concepts better



Before using google sheets for math, I never really made use of all its great functionalities. When we learned about the types of data, and we were given the chance to use google sheets, I learned just how useful it is to know how to use various technologies. It made solving so much more interesting and fast.


Question 1: How do you feel about almost completing Year 1 of the Math AI-SL course? Were you as ready as you expected to be?

Everything went by so quickly, it barely feels like a year. I knew from the start that my journey with Math would be one I’d struggle with, however, throughout this year, whilst going through difficulties, I learnt about my strengths and weaknesses in the topics and how to strengthen both.


Throughout the year I have learned a lot and still have a lot to master. At the start of the year, I did not feel ready for Maths but now I think I am a bit more capable with the current topics. Doing class in person was especially fun since I was able to learn and interact with others more.


I feel quite ready for the next half of this course after completing Year 1 of Math AI SL. I think I was more ready than I expected to be as I never regarded maths as my strong suit. This course has definitely challenged me to approach problems in more creative ways in order to answer them successfully.


The emphasis on the  real world applications of the mathematical concepts in the course really made me see Math in a new light. If anything, I’m rather excited to see what lessons we will tackle next!


Math has always been a big weakness of mine and every summative had me terrified. However, I enjoyed this year since it was easy for me to follow the lessons and I was actually able to improve my problem solving skills.


It feels surreal that we are almost completing the first year of Math AI SL. I was able to learn a lot from lessons that first intimidated me, but I am looking forward to finishing this year. Math is a really difficult subject for me, but I still managed to have fun and learn a lot.


Question 2: What are some of the things you look forward to in Year 2 of Math AI-SL class?

G11 Math AI SL Students

I am looking forward to what the next half of this course has in store for us, especially for the IA. Since we have yet to learn more about statistics, I feel that this project will take our skills in application to the next level. I want to be able to experience the process of collecting and interpreting data, as I know it may be exciting to explore the topic that interests us.


I am looking forward to trying to find IA topics. I heard that this would be a daunting task to anyone who isn’t quite savvy at Math and this is something I’m worried about. However, I look forward to the challenge.


I’m looking forward to learning more about probability and the different functions on our TI-84 calculators that can help us throughout the course. My TI calculator saves me a lot of time (which is especially significant to me), so I want to truly maximize my use of it.

Kat G

Art Class

by Mr. Jessie Saclo, MYP/DP Art Teacher

“An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.” —Edwin Land

The IB acknowledges the arts as a universal form of human expression, a unique way of knowing and understanding that engages us in effective, creative, imaginative and productive activities. 

The PYP, MYP, and DP are frameworks designed for the enrichment of learning. Each framework is a learning pathway that provides students opportunities to develop the skills and confidence they need to thrive in an ever changing world. The arts in particular, give students the support they require to explore their sense of identity and individuality, and to openly experience opportunities to function as artists as well as learners of the arts. Through age-appropriate activities and criteria, students develop their social, emotional, intellectual and personal intelligence through the arts; providing students the opportunities to create, perform, and present arts in methods that engage, convey feelings, experiences and ideas. CIS promotes development in the arts as a dynamic process where students practice to acquire new skills and master those skills developed in prior learning. 

The arts subjects of drama, music and visual art allow students to develop their creative thinking skills, along with other ATL skills which are essential to holistic development. These along with curiosity and practice allow students to acquire, learn, refine and master the skills necessary to develop learning. Fostering creativity as an essential element in the arts addresses the need for student-centered learning to stimulate innovative strategies in creating and performing, and understanding the broad and extensive scope of the arts. 

At CIS we cultivate learning in the arts as an aesthetic experience for our students. An experience of perception through the senses resulting in self-expression, creative work, exploration, and technical proficiency. Through this approach learning is established as a creative process where students identify failure as an element for development.

We invite you to take part in supporting our students as we celebrate the Arts Week from May 10 to 13 where we will feature the creative work of our students in drama, music, and visual art

Showcasing Student Work

Patricia (Reesha) Sy – Art Portfolio

We’d like to recognise G11 student Patricia (Reesha) Sy who has been drawing some attention from prospective universities due to the quality of her visual arts portfolio. Reesha joined CIS this year to take advantage of our Arts program and her first portfolio showing wasn’t what she expected.

“I’m a person who, like most artists, finds my work to be very personal so the thought of sharing my portfolio to experienced and professional artists was terrifying. I joined the portfolio viewing and to my surprise, the viewers were very supportive. Seeing professionals share the same enthusiasm and passion for my works as I did, was incredibly mind-bending and unexpected. They loved the works which showed who I was, and finding people who were genuinely interested in the meaning behind each work was new and a little overwhelming.”

Reesha was not only enthused by the interest in her work and the inspiration for her ideas but by the nature of the feedback she received. Instead of receiving constructive criticism, Reesha found that conversations focused on the “why” and the “what next” of her work. She was enthused by viewers wanting to know what kind of person she is and how that is represented in her artwork. The focus on her as a person has encouraged Reesha to rethink and reframe what and who her work represents.

“As a person who likes to hide behind her art, knowing that what the university wants to see is what kind of person I am, and getting excited over that, was new. I honestly really appreciated it. It reminded me of why I love art and why I want to become someone who creates it every day.”

We look forward to Reesha continuing to develop her skills and techniques over the coming year and can’t wait for her to showcase more of her work.

Dragon’s Print

If you’ve scrolled through Tiktok or any form of social media, you may have seen guides to personalities based on a person’s “zodiac sign”. It might seem preposterous to some to judge one’s own and even others’ personalities based on the day they were born, but this belief has a cult following both online and in real life. Read more about zodiac signs at

Admissions Notice

College/Careers Counselor Corner

by Ms. Jenny Basa, College/Careers Counselor Corner

Question of the Week:

I am in 9th grade, what can I do to be ready to apply for college?

Focus on getting good grades and balancing your school work with extracurricular activities.  Colleges look at applications holistically and most universities look at how a student is well rounded in terms of academics and activities outside the classroom. These may be through your After School Activities, sport, and other activities where you pursue a hobby or an interest. Achievements in Grade 9 and onwards are also considered in the evaluation process of college admissions.  Aside from strengthening one’s resume’ when applying to college, it also helps an individual achieve a balanced student life. Also, it is important to know that when you apply to college, the academic grades in Grades 9 through 11 will be examined by the admissions committee.

For more information, you may set an appointment with the College Counselor.  You may email  Ms. Basa at to set an appointment or visit the office. 

Upcoming Virtual Events and Fairs: (students & parents are welcome)


Links to Register”
Masterclass 3
(May 7, 9 & 10)


Glion Institute of Higher Education (Switzerland)
Masterclass 3:  The Art of Leadership and Multicultural Team Management

May 11
Link to register

May 18

Link to register

May 25

Link to register

University of Oxford Webinar Series
 May 11:  This is ‘An introduction to applying to Oxford’ webinar will be interactive, and is designed to help students understand the different aspects and stages of the application process.

May 18: This is a webinar for parents on “ Supporting your child’s application to Oxford.” It will cover information about the UCAS form, admissions tests and interviews, and again opportunities to ask questions.

May 25: This ‘Writing your personal statement’ webinar will be interactive, and is designed to help students on what makes a good personal statement, the role of super and extra-curricular activities, and what tutors look for.

May 12
LINK to register or use the QR code in the poster

Art & Design Universities in Canada (ADUC):learn more about the international student experience of those who study art, design and media in a specialized Canadian institution.
Participating universities:  Emily Carr University, Alberta University of the Arts, Ontario College of Art & Design and Nova Scotia College of Art & Design

May 17
3:00PM CDT
LINK to register

Engaging Distinctive Universities: a collaborative, engaging virtual event hosted by Emory University, Rice University, the University of Michigan and the University of Washington. Join this session to help you decide which college is the best fit for you.

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