Newsflash: October 31, 2019

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Elementary News

by Glenn Davies, Elementary Principal/PYP Coordinator

Language Week Activity in Elementary

Leading up to International Fair Day, the Elementary Language classes celebrated World Language Week by exchanging activities between the Spanish and Mandarin classes. Students from each grade experienced different activities taught to them by their peers in the other language classes.

The Kinder and Grade 1 students played a Dance and Freeze game with number songs in Mandarin and Spanish. Students were able to count from 1 to 10 in both languages after the experience, and because the Mandarin writing system is different from other languages, Mandarin students taught some Mandarin Characters to the Spanish students.

The Grade 2 students practiced and sang songs in 4 different languages. The students gathered together to sing ‘Two Little Tigers’ in English, Mandarin, Spanish, and Cebuano. They were proud to share this song at the International Fair Day performance as well.

The grade 3 students learned about parts of the body and chose to sing the ‘body parts song’ to each other, and practiced how to greet each other in Spanish.

Grade 4 and 5 students worked diligently to develop a station exchange activity. The Spanish students made the Kahoot Game with fun facts about their Spanish speaking country, while the Mandarin students made a slide show to present to their Spanish guests. The students particularly enjoyed playing the Spanish Kahoot!

Book Week Character Parade

by Aimee Sesbreño, Early Years 2/3 Homeroom Teacher

One of the highlights for our book week celebration is our “Book Character Parade” held this morning. Students came to school with their favorite book character costumes on. Parents were also very supportive in helping prepare their children’s clothes and props. Some wore fancy clothes and dresses and some even made their costumes using recycled materials. The elementary classes went around the MHS building while the MHS students, teachers and parents stayed in designated areas to watch and support our young learners. We ended our parade with DEAR (Drop everything and read) time in the media center while the rest went back to their Homeroom classes for their culture talks/story time. It was indeed a successful parade. Thank you all for taking the time to dress up and showcase your favorite book character. Enjoy the rest of the week!

Middle High School News

Living Library

On Wednesday, our Middle & High School students, together with a few students from Grade 4 & 5, attended the Living Library where they listened to stories from our different guests. They were able to hear and know more about being a filmmaker or producer, a marketing manager of one of Cebu’s community malls, a para-athlete, and an entrepreneur of an eco-friendly store!

Grade 12 Character Parade

The seniors put a little flavor into their Book Week Character Parade by dressing up as the same characters.

For Book character day the senior class dressed up as Handmaids from “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood. We studied this book in English HL last year, and we wanted to use a book that we learned about. The Handmaid’s Tale is actually a controversial novel about an oppressive dystopian future wherein women are indoctrinated into reproductive servitude, but our dressing up was not meant to poke fun at this depiction of females. Instead we hoped to demonstrate an awareness of how the issues raised in the book still apply today and express our intention of keeping such foreboding conditions in fiction.

– Axelle, Grade 12

Dragon’s Print

Dragon’s Print published four articles this week to celebrate Halloween in conjunction with the annual Book Week. First, we rounded up some of the costumes that stood out in yesterday’s Character Parade and compiled them in one place. Want to get into horror literature? Take our quiz to find out which author you’re most likely to enjoy reading, and then once you’re done, test your strategy skills and see if you can survive our haunted house quiz!

Lastly, if you enjoy dark stories that take a turn for the twisted, you will surely delight in our two-sentence horror stories. These quick two-liners will surely leave a chill down your spine!

Visit to read all our write-ups!

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