The Arts

The Arts


The beauty of the IB Visual Art programme is that it provides an opportunity for all students to explore their creative and artistic capacities regardless of previous exposure to art. Students in IB art may not necessarily possess outstanding art skills or be extraordinary visual thinkers. The program requires a student to become involved in the process of making art, the investigation and documentation of the art journey that they embark on, the ability to make creative connections and insightful personal reflection. 

The Arts @ CIS ID Diploma Programme

The IB Diploma Programme visual arts course challenges students to develop their creative abilities as well as explore the boundaries of their cultural knowledge. This thought-provoking course encourages students to expand their analytical skills in problem solving and divergent thinking while increasing their technical proficiency and confidence in art-making. Students also explore and compare visual arts from different cultural perspectives and contexts, and are expected to experiment with and critically reflect upon an extensive range of traditional and contemporary techniques, practices and media. The course is designed for students who are eager to proceed to study visual arts in university as well as for those who are interested in developing their skills and knowledge through visual arts.

At Cebu International School, we offer Visual Arts at both the HL and SL level.