Newsflash: August 30, 2019

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News Regarding Former CIS Superintendent Mr. Mark Bretherton

Dear CIS Community,

It is with deep sorrow that we share with you the news of the sudden passing of Mr. Mark Bretherton, CIS Superintendent from 1998-2008. He was most recently acting as the School Principal (Headmaster) at the English Academy in Kuwait.

In her tribute, Deidre Fischer (Superintendent of CIS from 2008-2013) notes that Mark’s contribution to CIS was “unparalleled in the history of the school”. During his leadership, the school was authorized to offer the IB Diploma Programme, built the campus in Pit-os, earned three accreditations (WASC, CIS and PAASCU), worked for enactment of Republic Act 9190 recognizing CIS as a school of international character recognized by the Philippine Government, started the International School Activities Conference (ISAC) along with other international schools in the country and was an actively involved in the Cebu Football Club.

Mark is remembered with great admiration by former colleagues, parents, alumni and the wider community of educators who had the pleasure of working with him. According to colleagues who knew him personally, he was a kind and generous man who valued the school and the people he worked with.

Mark is survived by his wife, Carol and son, Bryan who are based in Leyte. We offer our deepest sympathy to his family.

CIS will host a Memorial Mass/Tribute at 10:00am on Friday September 6, 2019 at the CIS Canteen Annex. Former CIS parents, alumni and community members who wish to attend are welcome.

CIS Administration

Elementary News

by Glenn Davies, Elementary School Principal/PYP Coordinator

Dear Elementary Community,

Last Friday, August 23rd the Lower Elementary classes held their first parent drop-in morning. Between 7.30am and 8.00am a large number parents visited the EY and KG/G1 classes. Students and parents could be found reading, constructing, playing and talking. As I visited various classess I was impressed by the quality of the interaction within our parent-student community. Our elementary students were very proud to have their parents in their class.

A Few Elementary School Reminders

Bedtimes: As we return to our school routines following the long holiday break, we notice some of our learners appear tired at school. We do encourage the recommended 9 to 10 hours of sleep per night, meaning that our younger learners need to be asleep before 8.00pm, while our older learners should have their lights out before 9.00pm. This enables your children to make the most of their learning at school during the day.

7.15am in the Morning: Students and parents are welcome to come upstairs and enter the classrooms from 7.15am in the morning. Before this time we ask that all community members wait downstairs, allowing our teachers time to ready the classrooms for the day’s learning.

Lunches and Lunchboxes: Thank you for supporting your children with healthy low sugar food options in their lunch boxes. This lower level of sugar intake really supports learning in a positive way.  We ask the student do bring these healthy food choices in a suitable school lunchbox that is not easily breakable. Unfortunately, when glass breaks at school, it can prove to be quite hazardous. Please also include an ice pack inside the lunch box holder/bag to ensure the food remains fresh until lunchtime.

Wheels Day: Wheels day proved popular this week. Please do send your child to school with a helmet and any additional safety gear they may need. Children without a helmet will not be able to ride their wheels at school. Our next wheels day is Monday, Sept. 2 (Day C).

Security Gate Opening Time

Please be advised that following a recent security review, our school gate opening times have been adjusted to the following:

South Gate Access (the gate closest to Cebu City)
OPEN –  6:00AM to 7:00PM

North Gate Access:
OPEN – 6:00AM to 8:00AM and 2:00PM to 4:00PM

PTA News

CIS Clothing Drive

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