Newsflash: January 26, 2024

Principal’s Corner

by Mr. Benjamin Martin, Middle High School Principal

Finding Purpose Through Curiosity and Creativity

As an inquiry-based school, we strive to inspire our students not to be passengers on their learning journey. We want them to question what they know and use critical thinking when solving problems across their studies and school activities. While it is important that we guide our students to accomplish these important daily and monthly learning tasks, developing their content knowledge and transferable skills, it is also important that our students remain active learners and use their curiosity and creativity to find their purpose as they grow and mature. As we know, in life there are no “black and white” answers to the complex scenarios that our students will face in the future.

Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of “Eat. Pray. Love.”, has a great quote that reads: “Follow your curiosity. Your curiosity just might lead you to your passion”. Schools are a busy place and there is always more to be learned. However, it is important that we create opportunities for children to slow down at times and have opportunities for exploration as this exploration often leads to passion and purpose. Gilbert follows up by providing some reminders on finding our purpose that are applicable to learners of all ages:

  • Curiosity: Explore what inspires and energizes you.
  • Connection: Connect with others who share your interests.
  • Creativity: Seek creative expression, what makes you thrive.
  • Clarity: Focus on what matters to you.
  • Courage: Change what’s not working. Pursue what you love.

And why are these concepts so important for us to nurture with our students and children? Of course it is because we all know that the world is changing faster than ever, making it even harder to predict the challenges that our students will face in the future. It is important because they will need it. And this is why one of my favorite graphics summarizing the thoughts of Dylan William, a successful educationist and expert on formative assessment really stands out:

Upcoming events of note

  • Jan 23 (Tue): Sem. 2 ASA start
  • Jan 24-28: ISAC tournament at BISB Manila (boys soccer/girls basketball)
  • Jan 30 (Tue): PTA Coffee Morning
  • Feb 1 (Thu): DP EE Cafe
  • Feb 8-18: G11/G12 Art Exhibition
  • Feb 9 (Fri): School Holiday
  • Feb 10 (Sat): Chinese New Year
  • Feb 12 (Mon): Chinese New Year Assembly
  • Feb 15-23: G12 Mock Exams
  • Feb 20-23: Week Without Walls

Please refer to the CIS Event Calendar for the complete calendar of school events.

Sports News

by Ms. Demelyn Dargantes

In an exhilarating showcase of skill and determination, the CIS Dragons athletes are gearing up for intense competition at Brent International School-Subic. The Girls’ Basketball and Boys’ Football teams are set to dominate the field, not just with the aim of victory, but also to gain invaluable experience.

Led by dedicated coaches and fueled by the passion for sports, our athletes are ready to showcase their prowess in both the basketball court and football field. The Girls’ Basketball team, with their strategic plays and agile moves, is geared up to outscore and outshine the competition. Simultaneously, the Boys’ Football team is gearing up for a thrilling match, exhibiting teamwork and sportsmanship as they aim for victory.

As the Dragons take on this challenge, they are not merely competing for victory but embracing the opportunity to learn, grow,and exemplify the spirit of friendship. The tournament promises not only intense matches but also a platform for our athletes to demonstrate the IB learner profile attributes – from being principled and reflective to showcasing open-mindedness and perseverance.

Parents, faculty, and fellow students eagerly await the outcomes, as the Dragons aim not only to bring home victory but also to elevate their understanding of teamwork, discipline, and resilience. Let the games begin, as the CIS Dragons soar to new heights in pursuit of excellence on the courts and fields of Brent International School-Subic.

Promoting Sustainable Practices: Our School’s E-Waste Management Initiative

by Mr. Sidney Solon, Facilities Manager

In an era marked by technological advancements, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the classroom. At Cebu International School, we are proud to introduce a comprehensive E-Waste Management initiative aimed at responsibly handling used batteries and electronic materials. As part of this endeavor, we have installed dedicated bins at the main building atrium to facilitate the proper disposal of electronic waste.

By providing dedicated bins and establishing partnerships with nearby electronic depositories, we are actively contributing to a greener and more eco-friendly environment. Together, as a community, we can make a significant impact by responsibly managing our electronic waste and promoting a culture of environmental responsibility.

College & Careers Counselor Corner

by Ms. Jenny Basa, College Counselor

Alumni News

You may read more about NASCAR: FULL SPEED here.


January 29 Monday
9:00 – 9:40 AM
Canteen Annex
Link to sign up


SIM Global (Singapore) info session on the admissions process and programs offered at the institution

SAT Update

2023–24 School Year Test Dates

Test Date Deadline for Registration, Changes and Regular Cancellation
March 9, 2024 February 23, 2024
May 4, 2024 April 19, 2024
June 1, 2024 May 16, 2024

To register for the SAT, you may click on this link.  If you need assistance or have any questions, please feel free to email Ms. Jenny Basa at

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