Newsflash: June 9, 2023

Principal’s Corner

by Mr. Andrew Powell, EY-12 Principal

As the school year draws to a close it has been wonderful to have the opportunity for our students to share in each other’s successes and achievements. We had a variety of events on campus this week which showcased student learning and we were also thrilled to be able to celebrate our Grade 5 and Grade 10 students in meaningful Moving Up Ceremonies, while all of our grade levels performed at our final assembly of the year.

These were moving events for many and the quality and variety of performances by students was testament to their talent and the way in which our teachers have been able to foster and cultivate it. I know that there were many proud parents watching these performances who were impressed with the growth of their children.

As a school we believe in each and every one of our students and trust that our students feel that they are valued, have learnt and grown. The nature of the school experience at CIS is such that it has provided us all with richer relationships, and a greater sense of community and purpose. I know that many of our students have expressed a desire for the school year to continue as they will miss the companionship of their peers. Others, I know, are more than ready for a break and the opportunity to recharge energy levels.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and restful summer. This is an opportunity to take a much needed break from electronic devices and enjoy time with friends and family. I can’t emphasize enough the power of literature and hope that many of our students will spend time quietly reading. All the best!

Yearbook is now AVAILABLE!

You may now purchase the yearbook from the CIS Cashier for ₱1,999! Limited quantities available, reserve your copy and email Ms. Loida at

Upcoming events of note

  • June 12-23: Summer School Activities
  • June 9 – August 2: Summer vacation
  • August 2: New Family Orientation Day (new families and student buddies only, 1-3pm); G11 DP Orientation day
  • August 3: First day of classes
    Please refer to the CIS Event Calendar for the complete calendar of school events.

Class of 2023 College & University Acceptances

Dragon’s Print

Dragonfruit: Seniors Magazine Class of 2023

This is our fifth issue of Dragonfruit, an online magazine that showcases the “Stories of Our Seniors”, which contains highlights of the Class of 2023’s experiences as they completed their final year at CIS.

Find the magazine at or navigate the flipbook below!

Festival of Festivals

by Ms. Ann Codoy & Ms. Jade Berdon, Philippines Language & Culture Teachers

As an opportunity to commemorate the end of our unit in Philippine Language and Culture, “Where We Are in Place and Time,” Grades 2-5 designed festival booths to help others appreciate the diverse cultures of the Philippines, our host country! As a result, students organized an event called the Festival of Festivals. They decorated their booths and researched information about their chosen festival to better understand Philippine culture and history. 

The upper elementary tour guides class invited the rest of the elementary school students, faculty, and staff to join and participate in various activities they had prepared! They were able to achieve their purpose successfully. The students and teachers were fully engaged in experiencing the celebration of various Filipino Festivals.

Grade 8: Language & Literature

by Mr. Damon Freeman, Language & Literature Teacher

This semester, the Grade 8 Language and Literature class embarked their youthful minds on an extraordinary journey through the realm of poetry. Like ardent explorers, they delved into the depths of meaning, unearthing profound truths hidden within verses. Themes bloomed like vibrant flowers, captivating their imaginations and unveiling the tapestry of human emotions. With an unwavering gaze, they embraced the power of context, unraveling historical threads and breathing life into ancient and contemporary words and worlds. Literary devices became their paint brushes, crafting vivid imagery, striking metaphors, and enchanting symbolism. As the class waltzed through stanzas, their understanding deepened, transforming them into enlightened souls, forever connected to the timeless art of poetry.

With pens poised like wands, the students produced their own magical potions of poetry. Some examples below of students` original work:

College/Careers Counselor Corner

by Ms. Jenny Basa, College/Careers Counselor Corner

SAT Update

Digital SAT Dates for 2023-2024
The College Board has confirmed the SAT Testing Dates for next school year.  CIS will be open for SAT testing for the following test dates:

Test Date Deadline for Registration, Changes and Regular Cancellation
August 26, 2023 August 11, 2023
October 7, 2023 September 22, 2023
December 2, 2023 November 17, 2023
March 9, 2024 To be confirmed
May 4, 2024 To be confirmed
June 1, 2024 To be confirmed
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