Newsflash: November 24, 2023

Principal’s Corner

by Ms. Maureen Juanson, Elementary Principal

A Week of Literary Wonders from Books to the Stage

Celebrating Book Week: “Read, Grow, Inspire”
This year’s Book Week has been a delightful celebration of literature and imagination! Anchored in the theme “Read, Grow, Inspire,” each classroom delved into a world of stories, sparking creativity and a shared love for reading. From engaging activities such as the Living Library, Book Talk, and D.E.A.R. Time to collaborations across the school, such as the heartwarming Buddy Reading and amusing Book Cover Makeover Challenge, our students embraced the magic of storytelling together. The highlight was our vibrant whole school assembly where students and teachers alike transformed into beloved book characters, weaving a tapestry of literary wonder across the campus. Ms. MJ, our Media Center Coordinator, shares more details below.


“Honk!” Takes Center Stage
Anticipation is growing for the much-awaited musical production, “Honk!” by CIS students. The annual musical production is a testament to the school’s dedication to high-quality learning and teaching. This extraordinary showcase of talent reflects our belief in guiding learners toward individual and collective goals while fostering lifelong learning skills and positive action.

The dedication of our students, supported by our exceptional faculty, has culminated in a performance that promises an immersive experience that will be filled with laughter, music, and heartfelt storytelling. This learning experience has allowed our learners to embrace their diverse talents on stage, embodying empathy, care for others, and a commitment to contributing meaningfully to their community. “Honk!” not only showcases the vibrant skills within our community but also stands as a testament to our school’s dedication to fostering engaged, empathetic, and globally minded citizens.

To all our students, teachers, staff, and other community members who are part of this year’s production, we send you our best wishes and a resounding round of applause in advance! Everyone is looking forward to what promises to be a truly magnificent show!

Upcoming events of note

  • Nov. 24 – 25: School Production (Honk)
  • Nov. 27: School Holiday (official optional date for Nov. 30 Bonifacio Day)
  • Nov. 28: PTA Coffee Morning 7:30 am, Canteen annex
  • Nov. 30 (Thu): End of most Sem. 1 ASAs (*Note, no ASAs on Friday, Dec 1; some ASAs may extend Dec 4-8)
  • Dec. 2 (Sat): Tree of Giving (off-campus service activity)
  • Dec. 2 (Sat): CIS is hosting a touch rugby tournament organized but the Cebu Dragons Rugby Club

Please refer to the CIS Event Calendar for the complete calendar of school events.

Grade 4 and 5: Philippine Language and Culture

by Ms. Ms. Jessa Luntayao,  Philippine Language and Culture Teacher

In Philippine Language and Culture class, the Grade 4 and 5 students embarked on an exciting adventure through the landscapes of knowledge, where the very essence of a country’s culture is shaped by the hands of geography. As we started our new unit under the transdisciplinary theme Who We Are In Place and Time with a central idea ”A country’s culture is shaped by its geography,” the Grade 4 and 5 explorers delved into the heart of the concept through a mystery box exploration. The mystery box served as a portal to the diverse geography of the Philippines, allowing students to unravel its secrets. Filled with tangible representations of the country’s land and water forms, each object became a key to unlocking the connection between geography and culture.

With eager anticipation, students took turns reaching into the mystery box, relying only on their senses to describe the objects and make predictions about their geographical significance. The air buzzed with excitement as each revelation sparked animated discussions, collaborative efforts, and a shared journey of discovery.

After the exploration, the young learners meticulously recorded their observations, creating a bank of valuable insights. A lot of insightful ideas came up during the big group discussion, showcasing the collaborative effort and open-mindedness of our young explorers. Students shared their diverse perspectives about the geographical significance of each object, helping us all understand things in a way that went beyond just one person’s ideas.

To further understand the relationship between geography and culture, students will dive deeper into the opportunities and challenges presented by the Philippines’ geographical location and how the Philippines connects to the world beyond its shores. 

Grade 11: Visual Arts

by Ms. Gerri Ancajas-Jumao-as, Visual Arts Teachers

Visual Arts plays an integral role in our everyday lives. It is imbued in parts of human creativity, communication, expression, and endeavors. It aids us as we understand our lives, culture, history and experiences. Visual Arts allows us to create forms and images, as well as appreciate and respond to art-making practices.  

Two key features of the IB Visual Arts curriculum are the Process Portfolio and Exhibition. The Process Portfolio is an assessment task that highlights student’s experimentation, exploration, manipulation and refinement of a variety of visual arts activities during the two-year course. The Exhibition looks at students’ technical accomplishments showing evidence of understanding and application of the use of materials, ideas, and practices appropriate to visual communication.

The extracts and artworks below showcase how the students have engaged with their chosen medium and technique, and the development of their ideas.

Design and Concept
The main message of this particular piece is that beauty is often the victim of suffering. My painting is a depiction of Cinderella running away from the ball, but with my own creative twist. As Cinderella desperately runs to leave the palace, she is bleeding from the right side of her abdomen, causing her to bleed through and soak her dress in her own blood. Despite her deep wound and adversity, her determined escape symbolizes her resilience, which testifies to the ability of humans to persevere. Behind her, she leaves her glass slipper and her prince charming behind. This narrative shows an elegant and emotionally charged moment as she leaves magical, desirable things for the sake of preserving her dignity.

Design and Concept
This artwork, heavily influenced by my study of Joseph Zbukvic, is a visual narrative that encourages introspection. It serves as a reminder of life’s unpredictability and the enduring resilience of the human spirit in the face of unforeseen tragedies. Through the meticulous incorporation of symbolism, the piece provides a space for viewers to reflect on the complexities of existence, the passage of time, and the emotional depth that can be conveyed through art.

Design and Concept
I decided upon the ballerina’s pose for the purpose of illustrating the idea of perfection. The stage she performs on is not that of the ones present within theaters but rather resembles the stage that music box dolls twirl around on as the music plays. The purpose of such a music box is to watch as the ballerina exudes elegance and grace through her performance. Its presence is for the amusement of others. The same ideas are imposed on women in today’s society, wherein they are expected to just be there whenever you need them for your own amusement, always “performing” at their best without fail.

Design and Concept
For this design, I decided to recreate one of my favorite childhood photos. I chose this one specifically because for some reason I vividly remember posing for this photo and it means a lot to me. The dress I wore here is one of my favorite articles of clothing so I chose this photo to recreate. In the photo there are aspects of nature such as flowers right beside where I was sitting and the plants framing the window.

Design and Concept

Mt artwork, “Taurus,” reflects a synthesis of inspiration drawn from Kim Cogan’s nuanced artistic techniques and my own exploration of the intricate relationship between a daughter and her mother. By employing Cogan’s method, I aim to establish a profound connection between the visual elements and the personal memories embedded within the piece, maintain a delicate balance between figurative realism and impressionism qualities, and infuse a dream-like atmosphere into the narrative in my portrayal of an emotional journey, where the boundaries between reality and memory are intentionally blurred. In essence, “Taurus” becomes not just a visual representation but an immersive experience, echoing Cogan’s ability to capture the essence of fleeting moments in urban landscapes and inviting viewers to find their own resonances within the layered narrative.

Design and Concept
I aim to convey my memories and personal development through the designs of my artwork. Oil painting techniques like scrambling, which combines movement and rhythm in objects and objects’ emotions, can produce some excellent results. It can also reflect the textures of sounds and musical compositions. Scumbling is a method that can express both the positive and negative aspects of the surrounding ambiance. If I use methods like impasto, the continued blurriness can be related to memory because it does not accentuate many of the lines, features, shapes, and details. The impasto method can offer me a genuine, natural-looking, three-dimensional result. Additionally, by controlling the number of highlights and shadows in the objects, I can portray the various textures of materials using techniques for reflections, transparency, and highlights and shadows. It might be beneficial to utilize textures for clothing and hair if volumes are important for specific things. 

Design and Concept
The concept for the artwork reflects my pop culture-infested brain’s present state. I also decided to keep the literal war between two different countries’ popular cultures (Hollywood vs. Japanese pop culture) or a “culture war” that was originally going to take up the right side of the paper while the left represented my childhood. The “culture war” now serves as the main context for the artwork. I also realized that the smiling flower motifs could instead be reimagined as “tako” (Japanese for octopus; it’s a term that I’m using on those motifs to just to distinguish them from the real thing), the recurring motif that I usually use in casual arts.

Book Week 2023

by Ms. Mary Jean Cordova, Media Literacy Teacher/Media Center Coordinator

As we wrapped up our Book Week celebration, it was incredible to witness the enthusiastic involvement of students, teachers, and parents, transforming our school into a hub of literary exploration and creativity. The vibrant engagement observed during Book Week reflects our school’s established culture of fostering interdisciplinary connections and nurturing a love for reading. Here are some highlights of this week’s celebration of literature! 

We started the week with Buddy Reading where students in MHS read books to the ES students. This fosters a sense of camaraderie and mentorship among our students, creating a supportive environment where older students inspire and guide younger ones through the joy of reading. It not only cultivates a culture of empathy and leadership but also reinforces the importance of literacy as a shared experience, strengthening the bonds within our school community.

Throughout the week, students actively participated in our Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) Time, a dedicated period fostering a culture of uninterrupted, immersive silent reading. This initiative not only encourages a love for literature but also nurtures students’ individual reading preferences, cultivates concentration, and reinforces the habit of lifelong learning through the exploration of diverse genres and narratives.

This year, our guest author, whose literary works are deeply rooted in her formative years within a rural Philippine village, captivated our students with compelling narratives drawn from her personal experiences. Their engagement demonstrated an eagerness to explore diverse cultural perspectives, fostering a profound understanding of different lived experiences. This enriching encounter not only broadened students’ perspectives but also ignited a curiosity to delve deeper into stories that reflect the richness and diversity of human experiences worldwide.

The Living Library has proven to be an exciting platform for our students, offering an immersive experience where parents passionately shared their expertise and passions. This unique opportunity exposed students to a diverse array of disciplines: from delving into yoga as a discipline fostering mindfulness and well-being, exploring the intricacies of rowing as a competitive sport, to unraveling the world of design as a boundless avenue for creative expression. Such engagements not only broaden horizons but also ignite curiosity, encouraging students to explore varied interests and potential paths for their own personal and academic growth.

The Spirit Day celebration provided a unifying platform for our entire school community to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of literature by dressing up as their favorite book characters. Beyond the playful games challenging students to guess characters based on clues, this event fosters a vibrant culture of creativity, imagination, and literary appreciation. It encourages students to delve deeper into character traits, stories, and narratives, fostering a deeper connection with literature while nurturing a sense of camaraderie among peers in a fun and interactive way.

The Book Week Contests, including the Book Cover Makeover, Guess Who’s Reading, and Extreme Readers, provided students with a dynamic platform to unleash their creativity and collaborative spirit. These engaging activities not only allowed students to showcase their innovative flair but also fostered a sense of teamwork, encouraging them to synergize their ideas and talents. As anticipation builds, the winners will be announced next week, celebrating not just individual creativity but also the power of collective effort within our vibrant learning community. Here are some of the entries for this year’s contests. 

Book Cover Makeover Challenge Entries
Extreme Readers Entries

College & Careers Counselor Corner

by Ms. Jenny Basa, College Counselor


December 2023 events for Glion, Les Roches & Ecole Ducasse


7 December, 6.30 – 7.30pm (SGT): Discover the Fascinating World of Culinary & Pastry Arts with École Ducasse
Founded by the legendary chef, Alain Ducasse, École Ducasse offers Bachelor programs in culinary and pastry arts at its two campuses in France. Link to register

11 December, 6.30 – 7.30pm (SGT): Learn about Bachelor Program from Les Roches
For interested students & parents who would like to learn more about the Bachelor programs, admission requirements, internships, scholarship & employment opportunities.  Link to register

Learn about Bachelor Programs from Glion (Watch-on-demand)
Find out more about Bachelor’s in International Hospitality Business or Bachelor’s in Luxury Business from Glion from the comfort of your home, at any time! Link to register

January 11
11:00 PM (PHT)
Link to register

Bocconi University (Italy) –Join us for a webinar on 11 January where we will focus on Bocconi Bachelor programs and on the application process.

SAT Update

2023–24 School Year Test Dates

Test Date Deadline for Registration, Changes and Regular Cancellation
December 2, 2023 November 17, 2023 (closed)
March 9, 2024 February 23, 2024
May 4, 2024 April 19, 2024
June 1, 2024 May 16, 2024

To register for the SAT, you may click on this link.  If you need assistance or have any questions, please feel free to email Ms. Jenny Basa at

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