Newsflash: September 10, 2021

Admin Notes

by Dr. Gwyn Underwood, Superintendent

We hope you all enjoyed having a catch-up day yesterday (Thursday, Sept. 9) with it being Osmeña Day holiday. Such days are great for social and emotional learning (SEL) activities – relaxing, reflecting, spending time with family and friends, learning… and so on! This year, we will be focusing a lot on SEL, so I wanted to provide a little information on what SEL is. For some, this will be a refresher, but it is a critical area for us all to consider – and not only during the COVID-19 pandemic!

So, what exactly is Social and emotional learning (SEL) anyway?!

“Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.” – CASEL

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) has a great diagram that depicts this visually, and their website has a lot of information on the benefits of SEL, and how we can enhance not only our students’ learning process and environment, but also our adult community members too.

PTA Matters

  • At our next Parent Coffee Meeting (29 Sept. 9am), we will take a little time to form our PTA Board for this school year. Please consider coming to help out! We have eight members on our PTA Board, so the load is spread out, plus classroom parent reps and other parents also help with specific events. You do not have to take on so much that you are always busy. If everyone picks even just one event, the load is spread evenly and we can fulfill our vision! (What is our vision? Check out the August 27 Newsflash for the answer!). Please email Mr. William Belda who will act as our Nomination Committee Chair <> with nominations for you or a fellow parent  
  • If you are not able to contribute as a PTA Board member, we will also be looking for Class Parent Representatives. More information will be forthcoming.

Please note we will also be introducing a WhatsApp group system to assist primarily with parent-parent communication in each grade. In preparation for that rollout, I would like to share with you these draft CIS WhatsApp group guidelines we are proposing to use to ensure our class WhatsApp groups run as we desire. Please review these and let us know of any feedback you may have via our secretarial team email address <>.

CIS Corporation Meeting Notice

Thanks to parents who signed up for membership to the CIS Corporation. Please be reminded our AGM is on Sept. 22 at 7pm. Details will be sent to your registered email address next Tuesday.

Grade 3 Music Class

by Ms. Natasha Arnsby, Music Teacher

MYP Visual Art Class

by Mr. Jessie Saclo, MYP/DP Art Teacher

In visual art class, the Da Vinci group of grades 6 and 7 students explored the key concept of communication. In art, communication is the process that transpires between the artist’s work and the audience. Intended communication through the effective application of images, symbols, and visual composition enhances the understanding of concepts, ideas, and experiences. As artists, students visually interpret their experiences through the reference frame of their own reality and contexts to give meaning to their creative work and artistic expression. As the Da Vinci group explored the statement of inquiry, ‘artistic expression communicates a message between the artist and the audience’, they began to investigate the art-making form of ‘illustration’. Guided by the MYP criteria for the arts, students conducted an inquiry on different illustration types and styles. Using the information they have gathered about illustration, students developed their art skills with drawing exercises that aimed to enhance their confidence in creating their own stylistic approach. The Da Vinci group is now at the phase of creating their final summative for this unit.

Grade 12 Mathematics Classes

by Mr. Nicholas Paul Arnsby, G12 Math (Analysis and Approaches SL) Teacher & Ms. Maria Victoria Bacus, G12 Math (Applications and Interpretation SL) Teacher

G12 Math AA SL and AI SL IT Collaboration

Engaging G12 AA and AI SL Students in Creating a Mind Map to Start the Activity

The Grade 12 Math AA SL and AI SL students got together for a few classes to talk about using IT for Linear Regression. After previously learning about the topic, the AA SL seniors were assigned to teach some AI SL students all about it. In groups, they were assigned to create an instructional video applying their knowledge onto their own data sets. Through this experience, the two Math sections were able to develop many of their ATL skills, 

In addition to that, they were introduced to a new concept that may be used in their internal assessments worth a staggering 20% of their diploma!- Deandra G12

G12 AA SL and AI SL Teachers and students’ happy faces after our successful collaboration

G12 AA SL Students’ Reflections

What did you learn by being a
peer coach?

I deepened my understanding. I reflected and spotted some points I had difficulty explaining which helped me realize I hadn’t fully understood these parts of the lesson yet.


Grade 12
Peer coaches need to fully understand what they are doing because they have to clarify everything that the student doesn’t know. Therefore, this process helped me to organise, scrutinise and summarise the information again by myself.


Grade 12

Why do you think it’s important to do activities and collaborate like this?

We helped others succeed, especially as we will apply this knowledge to our IAs.


Grade 12
It allows us to challenge ourselves, as well as critically challenge the knowledge that we have learnt throughout the unit.


Grade 12

G12 AI SL Students’ Reflections

Name one thing you learnt that was your WOW moment?

How useful google sheets will be for my IA when I’m handling lots of data. I was especially amazed about the use of the $ sign which allows us to anchor a reference point but change the other values when pasting.


Grade 12

You are going to be a peer coach soon, how do you think being a peer student helped you with this?

By referring to the questions I personally raised as a peer student. Their inclusion will help me make an excellent instructional video.


Grade 12
How attentive I need to be to ensure everyone is retaining and applying the information learned. There are many different ways of explaining concepts, everyone is different, and I’ll try and find the easiest approach for an individual.


Grade 12

Student Support Club

Dragon’s Print

Welcome the SSC Weekly emails! SSC Weekly was created for those who may not be able to fully commit to the club but still want to learn more about mental health and what goes on in our club. The SSC Weekly emails are sent out once a week on Thursdays, around lunch time. This gives students the chance to join the club session for that day if they are available.

If you are interested look out for the next Google Form to sign up for SSC Weekly which will be sent out via email later this month!

Dragon’s Print is back!

Back for another year, our Dragon’s Print members, from Grades 10-12, are here to bring to you another annual meet the team video!

Look forward to Dragon’s Print’s articles every Friday on

S.Y. 2021-2022 – Meet the Team

College/Careers Counselor Corner

by Ms. Jenny Basa, College/Careers Counselor

Tip of the Week

What is our school’s CEEB Code?  705230

CEEB stands for College Entrance Examination Board.  The CEEB code is a standardized number assigned to a high school, college or organization.  Students who apply to the USA usually have to fill in the name of their high school.  To find the name of your high school, you search by typing in our school’s CEEB code. 

Upcoming Virtual Events and Fairs (students & parents are welcome)


September 18
Saturday – 8:00 AM PHT
LINK to register

September 27
Monday – 8:00 PM PHT
LINK to register


Brown University, Columbia University,
University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University

Links to register:
Sunday Sept. 12
6:00PM EDT
Monday Sept. 13
7:00PM EDT
Tuesday Sept. 14
7:00PM EDT
Sunday Sept. 19
6:00PM EDT
Monday Sept. 20
7:00PM EDT
Tuesday Sept. 21
7:00PM EDT

Exploring College Options : A special informational program hosted by USA’s top leading universities. You are invited to a 90-minute webinar  hosted by admission officers to help you explore your college options and prepare a strong and reflective application in this time of change and new challenges.



If you have questions about accessibility or these programs in general, see our FAQs. Please note that the schedules indicated are all in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), 12 hours behind PH time.

Links to register
Tuesday Sept. 21 4:00PM Pacific time
Friday Sept. 24
8:00PM Pacific time
Tuesday Sept. 28
7:00AM Pacific time
Tuesday Oct. 5

University of California – Los Angeles (USA)
Information Sessions: You will have the opportunity to learn more about the academic and student life at UCLA, the admission process and meet guests such as current students and alumni.

September 25
9:00AM PHT
LINK to join

New Zealand Universities Info Session:
Auckland University of Technology
University of Auckland
University of Canterbury
University of Otago

September 25
Link to follow

Alumni Chat Series: Focus on Stem Careers

September 27
9:00 PM PH time

September 30
7:00 PM

Application Review and Financial Aid at Harvard, Pomona,
Stanford and Wellesley
LINK To register

Parent Conversations: Studying Abroad
A Question/Answer session for parents to learn about the experiences of parents when their child studies abroad. 
Guest Panel

  • Mr. Bernard Villamor: father of Bianca who studies at UCLA (USA)
  • Mrs. Chorie Chan: mother of  Andie who studies at UBC (Canda)
  • Mrs. Mylene Suarez: mother of  Catrina who studies at Polimoda (Italy) and Joaquin who studies at Simon Fraser University (Canada)
  • Dr. Clementino Diez: father of Dominique who studies at University of Toronto (Canada)

SAT Update

2021-2022 Test DatesRegistration Deadline
August 28, 2021Cancelled
October 2, 2021Cancelled
December 4, 2021November 4, 2021
March 12, 2022February 11, 2022
May 7, 2022May 5, 2022

The Optional SAT Essay and Subject Tests have been discontinued.

The dates indicate that registration is open. However, it is highly likely for future dates to be cancelled depending on quarantine restrictions.

To register for the SAT, you may click on this link.  If you need assistance or have any questions, please feel free to email Ms. Jenny Basa at

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