Class of ’17 College Acceptances

The Class of 2017 has achieved a wide range of admissions to universities around the globe.

Of the 48 students in the class, 38 have been admitted to universities, 4 are taking a gap year and 6 are awaiting results or waiting for the application season to apply for the country of their choice.

This year, CIS introduced Naviance as a tool and platform for most of the college applications to the USA and Europe. The use of the electronic document exchange service of Naviance enabled the school to send more than 100 transcripts and recommendation letters to a huge number of institutions mostly in the USA and Europe. This allowed for a savings of over Php150k in courier fees! In addition, the Naviance platform is a storage for all the documents pertaining to a student’s application package.

Last March, all students and parents of Grade 11 met with the college counselor to discuss options for university studies and a timeline/plan was created for each G11 student. As an incoming senior next school year, each student will be ready with a timeline for their college applications. Parents were also introduced to Naviance where they can track their son/daughter’s applications to universities.

In addition to top universities like NYU, UCLA and McGill, one of our students was admitted to the Seoul National University which is one of the top-ranking and highly selective universities in Korea.

As of this month, 2 students received 100% tuition scholarships and a few others received tuition scholarships based on academic merit. There were also conditional scholarship offers which are dependent on the IB Diploma exam results after July.

Ms. Jennifer Basa
College Counselor

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